What happened to the page and Holo’s Epic

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I recently rented an additional linux server with command line access, so I could run Nodejs for a homemade Discord-Bot. Its main job is to let users join any 0-permission role by typing a command. If you’re curious you can invite it and try it out with this link https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=449181736677539840&permissions=268453888&scope=bot Anyway, since I had the new server I thought it would make sense to move this whole website over there too. After some headaches with domain transition etc. it mostly worked, however for some reason the Perlin-Noise generator for Holo’s Epic produced absolute garbage on the new server. I tried to fix it for several days but eventually gave up. Since there have also been problems with my Wildcard-SSL certificate on the new server, I decided to move everything (except the Bot) back to the old server. While at it, I updated the WordPress Theme and cleaned the menu a bit. Now that Holo’s Epic is running fine again, I was impressed how well some of it was already done and decided to continue developing it.

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