Treasure Hunt

On your adventures, you will naturally find treasure chests, which reward gold, set items from their zone and experience towards the Legerdemain skill line.

You can also use Treasure Maps if you want to dedicate yourself to this activity. Make sure to always have enough Lockpicks at hand (purchased from a General Goods Vendor)


There are quests to do everywhere you go, and often they coincide with other activities you wanted to do anyway, like exploring a delve.

Every single quest in ESO is voice-lined, so you can immerse yourself in a massive world.

Delves, Public Dungeons

Delves always house one boss and sometimes a Skyshard. Public Dungeons are very similar, but larger and with multiple bosses. Both can be done in a group or solo.


Lorebooks can be found anywhere in Tamriel. Make sure to pick them up if they have a purple glow, as that grants Mages’ Guild experience.


Skyshards can be found anywhere in Tamriel. Collecting three of them grants one Skill Point.


Dolmen are the Dark Anchors that sometimes invade Tamriel, which can be seen in the Sky from far away. Most zones have three fixed places where they can occur.

Closing a Dolmen by killing all the Daedra it sends out grants decent character and Fighters’ Guild experience as well as a treasure chest. Dolmens can be soloed, but new players should wait for others to join the defense before engaging.

World Bosses

Every Zone has one or multiple world bosses. Killing them grants achievements, decent experience and a set item from the respective zone. Non-Champion Players should not attempt to fight them alone



Crafting equipment and consumables is one way to earn good money, or to just equip yourself and friends with good items. Researching item traits is useful even if you don’t plan crafting anything, as it allows you to reshape items you found using a Transmute Station.


As a Gatherer you pick up materials for any number of the crafting professions. Crafting materials of any kind are valuable goods and there is always demand.


This is technically also a Gatherer, but fishing is like it’s own thing. This section will be updated with more info soon.


Stealing items and pickpocketing others is one way to earn money (part of the base-game). Make sure to join the Thieves guild if you want to do heists and unlock quality of life skills (requires Thieves Guild DLC or ESO+).


After you join the Dark Brotherhood you can backstab innocents, execute assassination contracts and unlock skills to make you even more of a volatile shadow. (requires Dark Brotherhood DLC or ESO+)



Dungeons require a party of 4 players, which consists of two damage-dealers, one tank and one healer.

You can enter them easily by using the game’s group finder, which rewards a massive amount of experience for the first completed random group-dungeon of a day.

Completing dungeons also grants Undaunted Guild experience. Also, every dungeon has a quest that you can take once, which rewards a skill point and a lot of character experience on completion.

Several dungeons have two versions, for example City of Ash I and City of Ash II. Do not be confused, those are really two different dungeons (although partly taking place on the same map). Version II is generally much longer and harder. That’s what she said


Trials are 12-player dungeons, which pose the hardest difficulty but also grant some of the best gear in the game. There is no group finder for them, so you have to manually find people for a group.


Dungeons have two difficulty modes: normal and veteran. Veteran versions can be accessed only by level 50 players, some have even higher requirements.

In Veteran mode, you can also enable hard-mode at the last boss, which further increases the difficulty and doubles the Undaunted experience.

Some trials offer you to increase the difficulty even further by allowing to fight multiple bosses at the same time.

Finding a group

You can look for people in the zone chat (/z) of the Alliances’ home zones (Stormhaven, Deshaan, Grahtwood) or even better in Craglorn, where most trial-seekers hang out. Or in the respective zone where the Trial is located.

It is good practice to learn the abbreviations of dungeons and trials, because that is how you can spot people looking to enter them. Most commonly, the dungeon’s acronym is used with an additional letter for the difficulty in front. Examples: nCR (normal Cloudrest), vHRC (veteran Hel Ra Citadel), vFG1 hm (veteran Fungal Grotto 1 hard-mode)

Maelstrom Arena

Maelstrom Arena, located on the East of Wrothgar, is a solo-dungeon challenge. Completing it on Veteran mode rewards you a weapon with an extremely powerful effect. There is a Maelstrom version of every weapon and you can complete the Arena as many times as you want, to get the right one. Be warned though, this dungeon requires a very powerful build and extreme patience to complete.



In Cyrodiil you join war for your Alliance. You can access it by pressing L and then opening the “Campaigns” tab. You have to assign a campaign for yourself. A campaign is an instance of Cyrodiil with a certain ruleset. One runs for 30 days, one runs for 7 days, one has Champion Points deactivated and one is for below level 50. The latter two are recommended for beginners, but other than that, just pick whatever you like. After assigning your home/guest campaign, you can click on it to enter Cyrodiil. To exit Cyrodiil, you have to use one of the two Wayshrines at the very edge of your territory (which is also where you start). Sometimes the easiest way to reach these wayshrines is to die, as fast travelling is not allowed.

Cyrodiil also has some special gear vendors which offer items that you would otherwise have to farm. The currency is usually Alliance Points (which you get for most PVP activities) or Tel Var Stones.

In the center of Cyrodiil lies the Imperial City. You have to access it via the Imperial Sewers. In both of these areas, you can collect Tel Var Stones from NPC enemies or enemy players.


Organizes three squads which will compete against each other on a small map. In Battlegrounds, Champion Points are deactivated, so this is a good starting place for PVP if you’re not max level.

Daily Quests


The Fighters’ Guild has a quest to close all three Dolmens in a zone.


The first win of the day in a random battleground (via Group Finder) rewards a lot of exp.


Upon reaching level 45 you receive an invitation to the Undaunted Enclave. Once accepted, you can take up to three pledge quests from the Undaunted every day. These quests ask you to kill bosses in certain dungeons. Completing these rewards you with Undaunted experience as well as Undaunted Keys, with which you can buy Monster Shoulders.

Also, the first random dungeon a day (via Group Finder) rewards a ton of exp.

Crafting Writs

After getting certified for a crafting profession, you can take daily Writs for that profession. You can be certified for every profession on the same character and it only takes a minute to get the certificate.

Writs are tasks to craft something specific and then deliver that to a given location. The rewards are experience for that profession’s skill line, as well as increasingly valuable crafting materials. For example a blacksmithing Writ can reward you a Tempering Alloy, which is worth over 10000 gold.

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