“Shifter” – Light Armor Nightblade Tank


This build may seem like a DD that slaps on a taunt and calls it a day. However, despite using light armor for offensive pressure, this build tries and utilizes a lot of means to mimic a true tank build. Some sacrifices have to be made since you start out with much less resistances and health, but it is good enough for harder vet dungeons like Mazzatun. I do not recommend this as your first/only tank build though, it is more of a meme for people who already know how to tank and are tired of the same old sh*t.
It also feels like a true melee battlemage, if that's what you're after.

Build Cheatsheets

Shifter Tank

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0M / 0H / 64S

Skills and Replacements

Notable Passives

Item Sets, Mundus, Enchantments, Food


Breton. (anything except Khajiit or Woodelf really)