Summerset Dual Bow Sorcerer


This build uses only bows and doesn't lose much raw dps compared to a dw/bow setup. Considering it can stay at range and keep up the rotation in almost any condition, it may be the superior choice for many casual players. The build is easy to play and a ton of fun if you like bows.

- 31k dps with Arms of Relequen, Spriggan's Thorns, Stormfist and Maelstrom Bow:
- 24k dps with Shacklebreaker, Spriggan's Thorns, Stormfist

Build Cheatsheets

I used to embed the following builds, but I edited their JS to deactivate all the links (that's why I reference it here). Be aware some skills show an outdated description like [Bound Armaments] for example. Further down I explain exactly what all the skills do.


Sorcerer Open in build planner »

0M / 0H / 64S
Endgame PVE (Psijic)

Sorcerer Open in build planner »

0M / 0H / 64S
Vet Maelstrom

Sorcerer Open in build planner »

0M / 0H / 64S

Sorcerer Open in build planner »

0M / 0H / 64S

All the builds above have [Surge] and [Expert Hunter] slotted, in order to get Major Brutality and Major Savagery. Some players do not like to "waste" three slots for this and get these buffs with potions instead, allowing to put up to three more skills on their bars. I am not a fan of chugging away 200 gold per minute, but beside this, the double bow setup doesn't leave much room for improvement in terms of skill setup and Surge/Expert Hunter actually have some useful side-effects.

Notable Skills and Passives

Item Sets, Mundus, Enchantments, Food


LA = Light Attack. Activate Critical Surge before the fight.
1. Endless Hail + LA
2. Razor Caltops + LA
3. Poison Injection + LA +Swap
4. Race Against Time + LA
5. Crushing Weapon + LA repeatedly, until Endless Hail runs out. Finding a good rhythm with Crushing weapon is difficult and you need to make sure you actually fire the light attacks before casting it again.
Refresh Critical Surge and Race Against Time when necessary, but leave them run out for a few seconds if you are currently on the backbar.
You shouldn't run out of stamina, but if so, use a few heavy attacks instead of LA to recover.
Endless Hail should be the first skill on the back bar, because it needs about 2 seconds for the Maelstrom Bow effect to register, before you can swap weapons.

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