Holo’s Epic


Status: Pre-Alpha Holo’s Epic is a procedural open-world browser RPG, written purely in PHP, HTML, JS and CSS. To log in, you need a registered account on this website. The email you specify is used solely for your ability to reset your account password and to inform you about your account status. Click the picture to access the game: (but read on before you start)

Important for mobile

To get the best mobile experience:
  • open the game
  • go into the browser menu and click “add to homescreen” (Works in Chrome and Safari)
  • exit the browser and start the game from the newly created shortcut on your mobile “desktop”
By doing that, the game opens like a normal app (even though it still uses the browser). It is amazing, try it! If you don’t like having the shortcut any more, you can simply delete it.

How to play

Once entering the game, you will be placed randomly in the infinitely large world. (All new players will start somewhat near the center, to make player interaction possible). You can move around by clicking the tiles on the bottom of the screen. Your position is the middle tile. If you are standing on a town or a dungeon, you can enter them by clicking on the tile again. As the tiles provide only a claustrophobic view range, there is also a map you can turn on. There is also a “supermap”, which


Right now there is not much to do: You can explore the world, look at the supermap, enter dungeons and towns (they have no function yet) and see if someone is currently in the same town as you. Most of the artwork is placeholder material. It will be replaced with my own art over time. (By the way, are you an artist? I’m looking for someone *wink*)


I already made an Android app version of the game, but I can’t publish it yet. The above mentioned “add to homescreen” trick is a very nice alternative. Also, I believe the browser version uses less bandwith due to more efficient cache usage. Development started on Thursday, 25.01.2018


  1. Hello, I am the french from Pingers.
    I just tried Holos and I really enjoyed it. I mean it’s not finish but I love the style and the concept. The idea of meeting people on the map and (at least I hope) maybe fighting them would be a great idea. It’s this kind of game that I try to search on the Appstore. I you improve the fighting against the ratmans and the skills (I didn’t really understand this part), it could be a great game. Plus, you could had a chatt just like Pingers for the users.
    I hope it will help you to continue the development.
    Sorry for bad english, bye 😉

  2. Hi, thanks for trying and the feedback! Glad to see someone likes the concept.
    I wanted to make it so you can fight other players in the Arena in cities. The skill system is basically done, but players can’t choose their skills yet :/ Also XP system isn’t there yet because I don’t know how the scaling should work.
    I could probably integrate Pingers into the game (since it runs on the same website anyway), that’s a good idea.
    It’s just sooo much work to get anything done right now, but I’ll see if I find some time to do it.

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