Zen Dataminer

Zen Dataminer is an Android game developed in Gideros, a Lua 2D engine that supports deployment for Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5.

Zen Dataminer – Download in Google Play

The game revolves around mining data, extracting, storing and selling information. (Only thematically of course, you don’t actually download anything!) For faster download speed, you upgrade your Modem. For more efficient information extraction, you upgrade your Data Analyzer. And you can also upgrade you Storage, which comes into play when the game is idle or closed. (Note: no background process is involved for this, just basic maths)

The modem, data analyzer and storage are visually represented by small modules with particle effects, that increase as you upgrade the modules. The game also features a Zen mode that hides all UI elements except for the main modules.

Since the game is able to play itself, there is also a little task you can solve to make it worthwhile actually playing yourself: The “decode numbers” minigame. Here, you are presented a binary or hexadecimal between 0 and 255 and your task is to connect it to the correct decimal value. On success, you are granted a charge, with which you can significantly accelerate your modem or data analyzer for a short while.

The game never forces you to see ads, however you can opt in to display a small banner by clicking “enable Transmissions”. This simulates an addinational data stream and grants a 40% bonus on your primary storage value.

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